Daily Life: 25 Things About Me!

25 Things About Me

Launching this blog has me thinking about ways to introduce myself.  And a few years ago, the viral “25 Facts About Me” notes on Facebook seemed like a pretty sweet way to get to know someone. So here’s a random list of facts that offer a glimpse into what I’m about.  I am always interested in hearing the fun stuff about others.  Send me along your 25 things! Do we have any of them in common?

1. I was the best pogo-stick jumper on my block when I was 9 years old. 

2. I drove from New Jersey to Texas in a 67 VW Bug and took ALL of my record albums (after a big fight with my Dad – he thought they were too heavy) the day after my 22nd birthday.

3. I worked in a temporary agency in NYC in the late eighties (and I wore shoulder pads. Don’t make me find the pictures!)

4. I’m the oldest of five.

5. But if you think that’s a big family, I have close to 40 first cousins!

6. I grew up in New Jersey

7. So of course, I’m a New York Mets and New York Giants fan

8. I bar tended my way through graduate school

9. Have a serious shoe obsession

10. Every dog I have had has been a rescue. Here’s my girl Mandy below.


11. I still hula hoop

12. Love peanut butter. Love chocolate. Not together.

13. I was almost a back-up singer for a NYC band but I ended up turning it down cause I was chicken!

14. I’ve seen ‘While You Were Sleeping’ over 50 times

15. Love Van Morrison

16. I’m an avid reader

17. Recently started playing tennis again after 10 year lapse.

18. Took my first trip to Italy this year and fell madly in love (with Italy). Go!! Get to Italy!

19. I know how to jitterbug

20. Believe in God

21. Lived in New York City in the late eighties.

22. Went to graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin. And I didn’t leave! Love Austin.


23. I have been working since I was 13 when I started baby sitting

24. Was married once

25. My folks are both still alive and in their eighties, living down in Florida.

Okay, guys, what about you? Is anyone else out there averse to the whole chocolate-peanut butter thing?


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