WEEKLY FAVORITE: TV Guilty Pleasures

I am a recent Netflix addict.

I installed Netflix onto my ipad mini, and little did I know it would take over my life.

So, since I spend far too much time marathoning shows lately, I figured this TV-centric post was in order!

Here are my top five favorite TV shows right now.


Da Vinci's Demons 2013

This is set in Florence, and I got hooked on it on the tails of my trip to Italy. It has a great cast, and the plot is great. It’s all about old world Italy- the Medici’s in power, Da Vinci the genius, and the mystery of Florence’s brilliant population for centuries. There is a lot of gratuitous sex- to the point where I want more plot and less sex! But overall, this is a show I love to sink my teeth into.



I know. It’s just ridiculous. It is pure eye candy, entertaining, soap opera awesome. Why I love it? Sit down with your bowl of ice cream (either some almond milk low-fat vanilla for a good day, or Ben & Jerry’s Americone dream when you’re going all out) and turn on Nashville and enjoy your Wednesday night. I even know some of the songs at this point!



Intense. Crazy story, but somehow hangs together. Good job Shondra Rhimes, the writer, for always keeping it going. I always wonder, Could this really happen? It’s about a secret, intriguing world that has me fascinated. And hey, my mom watches it, too!



It’s topical, and they really make use of what is going on. I’ve been watching for years now, and I absolutely love Julianna Margulies. Although I hate Christopher Noth as Peter- even though I adored him as Mr. Big! Man, he is not an easy man to like. If you’re a woman who’s ever been married, especially to a man like that, you really understand The Good Wife’s point of view. It’s funny and poignant, and a total must-watch!




I watch this on Showtime that night, or ASAP so there are no spoilers for me out in the real world. There is moral ambiguity, politics, mystery, and GREAT acting. I love the cast, love the writing, and it keeps me both entertained and in suspense. It’s just so flippin good. Nobody is all good or all bad, and I love that complexity.

What are your favorite shows? Do share!

I loved House of Cards, too- don’t ask how quickly I watched the first season!

Happy watching.



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