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The homepage of consultant, speaker, and writer Rose Hayden.


Rose is an expert at many things, from high end beauty products to public sector health care. She is an Austin, Texas resident and veteran of the fast-paced business world. With 28 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience under her belt, she is now progressing into the field of happiness.

She has done business in 17 states, including a frigid trip to Alaska in January. She has a Master’s degree, a collection of Bobbi Brown make up brushes, and some wildly funny & wise stories from her long winding road to today. She can squat 110 pounds, speak two words of Italian, and is ready to share her wisdom with the world.

Tune in for speaking engagements in your city and the release of her book, This Day Right Now.

Enjoy This Day Right Now!

-The Rose Hayden Team


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Have an excellent day!


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