HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Friend Who Has Everything!

There are certain people on your list this year that are just impossible to buy for. They buy themselves everything they want, or they’re picky, or they’re your boss! Any way you slice it, they’re hard to give a gift to.

So here are MY tips for the friend who has everything!


For my hard to buy for friends, I scoured Austin and went to tons of different boutiques and shops. I found a great assortment of unique yet useful presents. I suggest you give…

Ornaments: Aren’t these macaron ornaments just the cutest? They’re fun, sweet, and traditional. Ornaments are great gifts because you’re giving a story. They’ll remember you every year when they pull out their ornament from you.

Truffles: If they don’t like truffles or sweets, have no fear! They are still a great gift since your friend can put them out for company. These make a great neighbor or host gifts if you go to a holiday party.

Cookie Cutter & Sugar Cookie Sugar: This fluer de lis cookie cutter is beautiful, unique, and great for a Saint’s fan! Your friend can make holiday cookies or just display it in their kitchen this holiday season. The red crunchy sugar is a great gift, too.DSC_0101

Paper Goods: I know that I would love to get this, so I’m happy to give it! This is a large paper menu set for your kitchen, and a gorgeous notepad of spoons, with a little teaspoon attached. You can put these in your house to write phone messages or display them, and it is usable, recyclable, thoughtful, and special.


Wine & Wine Sweater: This is SO fun! What a great way to dress up the simple gift of a wine bottle, in a different direction than a paper wine bag. This is a great gift to give all around.

What do you buy for the friend who has everything?

How is holiday shopping going for you? Come back tomorrow for the best day of all. It’s a surprise!




We all know men are hard to buy for. Whether it’s your dad, boyfriend, brother, coworker, friend… Men are tough. So I have put together a list of great gifts for you to give the men in your life!


Candy: I picked up these peppermint crunch candies for a friend of mine. Guys love food! plus, these peppermint ones are sort of Christmassy. Nice candy like this is a great gift, and it’s not too expensive.

Men’s Soap: A really great smelling soap is something most guys won’t splurge on. This is classy and easy.

Cologne: Giving the gift of cologne is great, although it’s easy to go wrong. If you know them, you should have some idea of scents they like, and what they might be wearing now. It’s a personal gift, and generous.


Books: I love giving a guy sports books. A stack of books wrapped in a ribbon is a great gift, but just one book is good too. My father picked all of these out- so personally recommended by him!

Ties: These make a great gift, since most men will need a nice tie in the next year. They’ll think of you when they wear it, and they might not have spent the money on a fab tie otherwise.

Speakers: This year I’m giving out some wireless speakers that I found on Amazon. They aren’t too expensive, and everyone needs speakers! If this is your big gift to your guy, go for the Bose.

What’s your favorite gift to give a guy?

Let me know!

And come back tomorrow, for my ideas for the friend who has everything!

Happy holidays.


FITNESS: Post Workout Nutrition



I go pretty hard in the gym. I have been working with a trainer for a few years, and strength training is very important to me. I believe that lifting weights is especially important for women, since it strengthens your bones and can help you reach new levels of fitness.

Still, as important as working out is, refueling the right way after working out is just as important.

After a workout, I put a scoop of protein into my shaker bottle. I use either vegan milk or water, depending on my taste preferences for the day. If I want to enjoy a shake and I’m not going to eat my next meal for a bit, I’ll use almond or coconut milk with my protein powder. If I just want to get my protein in without a big fuss, I’ll use water. Lately I’ve been using vegan protein.

I love my About Time protein, and already used up my vanilla flavor tub that I purchased this summer. Now I’m scraping the bottom of my chocolate flavor! There is also a birthday cake flavor, and a cinnamon roll one. This is a great brand that uses stevia instead of artificial sweeteners.

When on a recent allergen-free cleanse, where I cut out dairy, soy, corn, wheat, and processed sugar, I discovered Hammer Vegan protein. It’s tasty and GMO free. I find it easy to digest and keep it in regular rotation even while off my cleanse.

There are certainly other methods for getting that necessary dose of protein after a good workout, but this is my favorite way. Simple, easy, and perfect for on the go days.

Have you started using protein shakes after workouts? What flavors do you like? Let me know what else is out there to try!

Happy working out, ladies!