Spiritual Friday: FALLING IN LOVE…

A few Sunday mornings ago I was standing at my dresser, staring at my perfume, and I decided to fall in love with my life.  Yes. 

No melodrama, no drama – just fall, straight on in –accepting all that my life was, has been lately, and is now.

I made this decision because I was tired and it was time.  I was tired of my whining; of my waiting; of my happiness contingent….

And it was time for me to see how much I really loved my life. 

Even with its … shortcomings

Like my bathroom.  It is not the bathroom of the eye candy interior decorating magazines that I so love.  In fact, it’s kind of an insane bathroom, rigged with some kind of a bathtub shower contraption that rests on a too small platform, which renders entering and exiting the shower an athletic event.  It is not ADA compliant.


And… it sits in the center of my little house on the noisy corner, with its old roof and sagging porch; and no dishwasher.

Yet it is here in this house that I came to live and heal after my divorce.  And it was here to this house that I returned after escaping for a while to figure out how to survive yet more loss.  

Here I learned to love the silence of single life; to adorn my bed with plush sheets and beautiful bedding; to paint the walls beautiful rich girl colors like mauve and peach.  There is not one piece of furniture in this house that I do not love and cherish; not one piece of art.  I even love my flatware, my french press, my coffee mugs.


This house is so affordable that it has and will help me recover from two financial storms.  

And the people that surround the house… friends that look after me, and my sweet dog.  


And the work I have been able to complete and create here, watching through the large windows of this old place as the little kids go to school across the street every morning and leave each day for home around three.

I didn’t get the glamorous luxurious life I somehow thought I was owed.  I got this life – this complete, busy life inside the blue and white house on the corner.

It’s not always easy to accept where you are. But making the conscious decision to fall in love with my life right now is something I’m so grateful for. What do you love about your life? Look around, and let me know what you can fall in love with about your home, your family, your current standings. Do you have a favorite comforter that you just pulled for these chilly autumn nights? Or a favorite spot in your house perfect for reading? Do share.

Have a lovely Friday,


One thought on “Spiritual Friday: FALLING IN LOVE…

  1. Holy cow… I totally just fell in love with you, your writing, your dog, and your house “with its old roof and sagging porch.” So glad I found your blog! It will become a daily read.

    Also, I now need to go buy “beautiful bedding.” …that sounds luxurious.

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